Participating contractor qualifications

To participate in SMUD’s HPP, your contracting company must:

  • Be a Contractors State License Board-licensed contractor with a California license appropriate to the scope of work i.e., California General B License.
  • Participating Contractors must maintain all applicable licenses, permits, insurance, and bonds required by Federal, state, and local laws.

Participating contractors must hold:

  • BPI Building Analyst (BPI-BA) certification, and
  • California General B License

Participating contractors must:

  • Complete orientation session. Click HERE to review.
  • Sign and submit the SMUD HPP Contractor Participation Agreement. Click HERE to review and sign.
  • Be active (job participation requirement) and efficient

In the first three months, new contractors will need to submit at least one HPP project to us. After that, a minimum of one complete job every three months; projects that take 90 days or less to complete (from project received to post-retrofit submission).

SMUD requires that all individuals involved in testing, installation, and selling HPP to participate in mentoring sessions. Mentoring sessions take place at your first three HPP projects and are at no cost to you.