Privacy Policy

CBPCA Privacy Policy (updated August 11, 2009)

CBPCA will treat all contractor and homeowner records—including jobs data – as confidential. Customer mailing address may be shared with their power and/or gas utility for reporting purposes. The utility will treat the information of such homeowners (who are also utility customers) as confidential, per the utility sponsor’s privacy guidelines.

Sales data and contact information for homeowner jobs will not be provided to any participant within CBPCA or other entity, except when expressly permitted by the originating contractor. The sponsoring utilities and ENERGY STAR require that CBPCA report quarterly job counts and verification counts for each participating contractor. Any job and verification data provided to the utilities and/or ENERGY STAR will be held confidentially per their respective privacy guidelines and not shared with any program participants. CBPCA may report to the utilities and ENERGY STAR aggregated job counts and job cost averages for the entire CBPCA program; this aggregated information may be shared publicly.

Dues-paying CBPCA Members will have access to the CBPCA Member Directory, a list of contact information for all individuals that have taken a CBPCA home performance training course. CBPCA provides a Member Directory to dues-paying members so they can form teams, locate subcontractors, and network with one another. If you do not want to be included on this list, please contact CBPCA to be removed.

The Member Directory will be posted on the password-protected portion of the CBPCA website and shared only with dues-paying members and CBPCA’s utility/ENERGY STAR sponsors. Only dues-paying members, CBCPA staff, CBPCA Board of Directors, and CBPCA’s utility sponsors will have access to the password-protected portion of the website, and any of its contents, including the Member Directory.

CBPCA will list the name of CBPCA-verified Home Performance Contractors on the public portion of the CBPCA website. This list may include a web link and/or other contact information for each listed contractor. Listed contractors will be asked to confirm which contact information should be posted before it is posted.

If you have any CBPCA-related privacy concerns not explained by this Privacy Policy document, please contact the CBPCA office to discuss. The CBPCA Board of Directors and staff believe that maintaining participant privacy is important. CBPCA staff is committed to follow this Privacy Policy in all circumstances. This document will be revised as needed for clarification, changes in policy, or to correct errors and omissions.

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