Download the Job Reporting Template and its instructions on how to complete the Menu and JobInfo tabs to calculate an estimated rebate for a specific home and scope of work. The maximum SMUD rebate is $5,000 for homes with gas or propane heating ($8,000 for homes with electric heating). See this map of neighborhoods with higher densities of homes with electric heating that are eligible for increased rebates.

Increased Rebates for Homes with Electric Heat

  • Envelope and HVAC measure rebates are doubled for homes with electric resistance or electric heat pump heating. However, fuel switching from electric heat to gas heat is not eligible for double rebates, nor is switching from gas to electric eligible for double rebates.
  • Affected measures include envelope insulation, air sealing, windows, and duct sealing/replacement/burying.
  • Increased rebates are based on the pre-upgrade heat source. Enter the pre-upgrade heater type on the JobInfo tab in order to automatically activate increased rebates on the Menu tab. Homes switching from electric heat to natural gas heat do not qualify for the increased rebates.
  • The maximum total rebate for homes with electric heat is $8,000.

Measures eligible for rebates

Click here to view the complete SMUD HPP rebate measure menu. Click on the image with your cursor to view the full-sized version.

For the purposes of qualifying for the 5+ measures bonus rebate, and for meeting the “2 or more measure requirement” for an HPP scope of work, each of the following is considered a measure:

  • Attic insulation upgrade
  • Air sealing
  • Air sealing and air quality
  • Wall insulation upgrade
  • Window replacement
  • Crawlspace insulation upgrade
  • HVAC Airflow (added 3/9/15)
  • HVAC replacement and downsizing
  • Duct sealing or replacement (duct sealing not counted if performed in conjunction with HVAC replacement)
  • Buried ducts
  • Whole-house fan installation
  • DHW replacement
  • Pool pump replacement
  • Lighting upgrade
  • Smart thermostat
  • Electric vehicle (EV) ready homes

NOTE: If a new central air conditioning system is being added to the home (no preexisting central system), the project will qualify for the full HVAC equipment rebate, plus $250 ($500 if the home has an electric heater) for adding ducts, sealing them to 6% or less, and insulating them to at least R-8.

NOTE: The SMUD rebate is calculated and paid independently of PG&E or any other utility provider or local government rebate. Contact Build It Green for information the PG&E Advanced Home upgrade and Home Upgrade programs.

Full rebates

Full rebate are are earned for the following types of homes:

  • Single-family detached homes
  • 2-4 units (at least 1,000 square feet per unit)
  • Units in buildings with 5 or more units in which each unit is individually owned

Half rebates

Half rebates are earned for each dwelling unit for the following types of homes:

  • 2-4-units (less than 1,000 square feet per unit)

Click here for more details about home eligibility for full and half rebates and assessment subsidies.